Lose Fat Quickly

Get fit. Build muscle. Lose fat. And do it in less time than you thought possible.

Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? Well read on. It’s more real that you may know.

But first a couple of questions.

What if everything you’ve been told about exercise and weight loss is wrong? What if not only is it wrong, but it’s counterproductive – actually keeping you from getting the results you work so hard to achieve.

And what if there’s a flipside to that? What if there’s an approach to exercise and workouts that boosts your metabolism, fills you with energy (instead of leaving you drained and listless), builds muscle and absolutely incinerates fat?

For years, we’ve been told by the “experts” that the key to losing body fat and getting fit was cardio – long, slow workouts jogging or on an elliptical or whatever. Workouts that are mind-numbingly boring and absolutely set you up for repetitive stress injuries.

Well the fact is that doing that type of workout over time creates a metabolic environment that works against your fitness goals. It becomes a form of chronic stress.

And lets get real. We want to be fit and healthy. And we also have a lot going on in our lives, things like families, work, spiritual pursuits, hobbies – whatever your personal list is. Time spent doing long workouts leaves less time for all the other people and things so important to us.

You’ve probably seen someone who exercises compulsively at the expense of time with their family. None of us want to be that person.