Interval Training for Fitness and Fat Loss

The dirty little secret of the fitness world is that the most common recommendation for fitness and fat loss is wrong.  Dead wrong. Forget standard aerobocs.

A much better way to go is:

Interval Training

I’m sure you’ve heard the old advice that aerobics and cardio workouts are the route to fat loss. You know the drill: long, slow, deadly-dull routines at 60 to 80% percent maxium heart rate and lasting for….  

Well, according to the so-called “experts”, the longer the better.  Supposedly, as you do this style of exercise you put your body in a fat burning mode so the longer you go the more fat you lose.

Yeah, that may be true as far as it goes. But it only focuses on the calories burned while you exercise and completely ignores the counter productive hormonal state this type of exercise creates in your body.

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With interval training, done the right way, you’ll build muscle, lose fat, increase both your aerobic capacity and anaerobic threshold. And you’ll do it in a heck of lot less time than with the old cardio wrokouts you’ve probably been subjecting yourself to.

But it’s crucial you do these types of workouts right.  They’re intense and effective, but if you do do much too soon, or with an inappropriate combination of routines you can easily overtrain and/or wind up injured.

Here’s a quick workout you can try to see how effective a short workout can be, even without equipment:

interval training for fat loss

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